Art Cast

Art Cast

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Art-Cast is comprised of fiberglass bandage impregnated with polyurethane resin.


  Application instructions:

1-Slip a vibril over the affected body part (for greater protection, use orthopedic padding)

2- Gloves must be worn

3- Open only one pouch at a time with gloved hands

4- Immerse the Art-Cast roll for 5-10 seconds in tepid water    

5-Squeeze it 2-3 times so the setting time will be 4-5 minutes(warmer water makes the set time shorter)

6-Wrap spirally, taking care to avoid excessive tightness



Strong and rigid

Easy removal

Excellent x-ray radiolucency

Color range

Light weight


Molding capability

Air permeable

Moisture resistant

Superb adhesion


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