Art splint

Art splint

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Art-splint consists of a central layer which is covered by vibril on both sides .one side which covers the affected body part is thicker .This side features hydrophobic effect which starts to dry as soon as it comes into contact with water.


  1. Select the suitable size
  2. Immerse the splint in lukewarm water (23-25^c)the warmer the water, the shorter the setting time
  3. Squeeze the splint tightly to remove the excess water
  4. Slip the thicker part of the splint on the affected body part
  5. Tie the part tightly with elastic bandage



  1. Strength: rigid,strong,unbreakable
  2. Light weight and comfortable
  3. Flexibility and speed in application(No need of gloves)
  4. Excellent Molding capability(in less than 5 minutes)
  5. Superb x-ray radiolucency
  6. Cost-efficient
  7. Moisture resistant
  8. Size ranges(flexibility in size)


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